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The Burden

Author/Director Elvis Sabin Ngaïbino
Producer Makongo Films
Country Central African Republic, France, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Italy, Germany 
Length 80'
Year 2023

In Bangui, Rodrigue and Reine are a couple very involved in the activities of their church. But they live with a terrible secret: they are sick with AIDS and carry it like a divine punishment. When Rodrigue is offered the position of assistant pastor, he has doubts: is he worthy of leading the church of Christ? Yet how can he refuse when he depends on Reine's trade? With the pandemic, ARV drugs are becoming scarce and the rumour is spreading that HIV-positive people will die if they vaccinate against Covid19. Reine believes a miracle is possible and sets out on a quest for a miraculous cure. She takes her husband from church to pilgrimage, from prayers of repentance to spiritual fasts, in the hope of divine healing.


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