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ANDANAFILMS SARL (Capital: € 8 000, RCS AUBENAS 447 482 167, V.A.T Identification Nr.: FR75447482167) with registered address and main offices at 25 route de l’échelette, 07170 Lussas, France, is a company that distributes audiovisual content in the documentary field.

The present Online Screening Service is available on its website exclusively for media professionals worldwide who are registered users of the service based on streaming technology giving them the opportunity to view the full-length audiovisual works distributed by ANDANAFILMS.

Any media professionals wishing to acquire one or more of our programmes should contact ANDANAFILMS directly in order to acquire exploitation rights.

There can be no direct acquisition of content from this website.

1 – Registration

Only media professionals who want to acquire licensing rights are eligible to register on our website. Before they can access the website, users must first set up an account by providing the required information on our online registration form.

This inscription must be accepted and confirmed by ANDANAFILMS in order to access the Online Screening Service.

To this effect, a user ID and password, strictly for personal use, will be sent to users to the email address provided when they registered.
Users will then be able to access the Online Screening Service free-of-charge, subject to observance of the General Terms of Use set out in clause 2 hereunder.

ANDANAFILMS reserves the right to refuse any registration if it deems that such registration is not consistent with the intended use of this Online Screening Service.

2 – Terms of Use of this Online Screening Service

The streaming content of this website is strictly reserved for media professionals using the media player supplied by the website only.

The viewing of the programmes on this website is restricted to identified users for a strictly professional and non-commercial purpose.

Users therefore agree to refrain from any of the following:

  • create or cause to create on or via a website other than ANDANAFILMS’s a link making it possible to view the content;
  • use any technology - whether now or hereafter conceived – in order to copy, reproduce or capture in any format whatsoever all or any of the content without legal authorization;
  • use their confidential access codes in order to allow third party users who are not registered for this service to view the programmes on this website, even for non-commercial purposes.

Users guarantee ANDANAFILMS against any deceitful use and/or source of harm of its identifying data, regardless of whether they are fraudulent, by their own action or by action of any other party. 

If users notice any fraudulent use of their identifying data, they must inform ANDANAFILMS of this immediately by this contact form.
ANDANAFILMS reserves the right to close users’ accounts at any time.

Any user who violates the intellectual property of the programmes on this website will be held responsible for all claims by any persons or organisations who consider themselves harmed.

3 – Technical Specifications

ANDANAFILMS cannot be held responsible for any malfunction of this Online Screening Service that could be attributed to a bad user connection, an internet overload problem or any access restrictions due to the user’s internet service provider. 

ANDANAFILMS may temporarily shut down its website for maintenance or in order to upgrade its performance.

4 – Intellectual Property

ANDANAFILMS is the legal representative of the licensing rights to the contents available in this Online Screening Service. 

ANDANAFILMS is also the sole owner of the ANDANAFILMS trademark and logo as well as to the domain name.

Users guarantee ANDANAFILMS against any infringement of the intellectual property rights referred to above as a result of using the website.

5 – User Data Protection

Information and data supplied by users upon registration only serves to identify users so that they may access ANDANAFILMS’s Online Screening Service. The information may also be used for statistical purposes, for improving the contents of this website or in order to supply users with regular up-dates and news regarding ANDANAFILMS or its programmes in news letters sent to the e-mail address provided by the user upon registration. Users will be able to unsubscribe by e-mail.

In line with French regulations, ANDANAFILMS has filed a declaration with the French National Data Protection and Privacy Commission (CNIL) to the effect that it processes data supplied by the users of its website. This declaration has been registered by the CNIL under file nr. 1810311.

ANDANAFILMS agrees and confirms that it will not provide this data to any third parties.

As per the French Data Protection and Privacy Act of January 6, 1978, amended in 2004, users have the right to consult and correct the data they provide by writing to us.

6 – Modifications to the Terms of Use

ANDANAFILMS reserves the right to change the present General Terms of Use at any time.

7 – Governing Law

These General Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of France. Any dispute concerning the interpretation and application of these conditions shall be submitted to the competent French courts.


Legal Information

The site is published by:
AndanaFilms, 25 route de l’échelette, 07170 Lussas - France . 

The overall content, pages, scripts and icons employed in this website remain the sole property of ANDANAFILMS. ANDANAFILMS reserves all reproduction and representation rights in all countries for the aforementioned content, pages, scripts and icons. 

1 – Disclaimer 

ANDANAFILMS will endeavour to update and correct all information published on However, ANDANAFILMS cannot guarantee the validity of the information published on this site and disclaims responsibility for all errors. 
You are kindly requested to inform us of any errors or omissions at the following address: 
AndanaFilms, 25 route de l’échelette, 07170 Lussas – France. 

2 – Copyright

The Code of Intellectual Property and, more generally, the international treaties and agreements containing clauses pertaining to authors' copyright protection forbid any form of full or partial representation or reproduction of our pages for any use other than private, or modification without the author's formal authorization. Law Nƒ 98-536 of July 1, 1998 concerning databanks grants no exception to private copies.

3 – Credits

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