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Writers on the Borders - a Journey to Palestine(s)

Author/Director Samir Abdallah & Josée Reynès
Producer Les Films du cyclope
Country France
Length 80’
Year 2004

Following an appeal by the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwich, a founding member of the International Parliament of Writers besieged in Ramallah, a delegation of writers travels to the city to demonstrate alongside the Palestinians a “fine example of linguistic collaboration” in this “high place of spirituality” ('Ramallah' in Arabic).
The film becomes the travel journal of this delegation, composed of Christian Salmon, Russel Banks, Wole Soyinka, José Saramago, Bei Dao, Breyten Breytenbach, Juan Goytisolo and Vincenzo Consolo, who are accompanied by Elias Sanbar and Leila Shahid.


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