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Syria, the Assads' Twilight

Author/Director Christophe Ayad & Vincent de Cointet
Producer Bonne Compagnie
Country France
Length 52' and 72'
Year 2011

How did a man who claimed to have gone into medicine because it’s a “humanitarian job” come to be responsible for the deaths of so many thousands of Syrian people?
Once written off as goofy and incapable, Bashar al-Assad vowed to fight corruption and embrace globalisation when he came to office in 2000. Instead, he walked in the steps of his father, Hafez, who 30 years ago unleashed a brutal assault against the town of Hama that reportedly saw 20,000 killed.
Syria, the Assads’ Twilight tells the story of the Assad regime, revealing how Bashar, like his father, was unable to tolerate dissent.


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