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Timeless harvest

Author/Director Martin Verdet
Producer Z’Azimut films
Country France
Length 59'
Year 2008

An imposing country manor, desolate amidst the vast fields of a Danish island, fills with musicians. It is transformed into an intriguing beehive, vibrating with sound.
This film speaks to us in the manner of a well-structured music lesson, where repetition, practice, composing, and interpretation of music each represent the central elements of a work sequence. We see how the insight of the master shapes the talent of their students, and how these exchanges create magical revelations.
Images from inside and outside present themselves in playful dialogue in this stringent framework, and lend rhythm and pulse to the film.

With the composer Per Nørgård, the Kroger string Quartet, cello teacher’s such as Ralph Kirschbaum and Valter Despalj...


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